AHANDYBLOKE Mowing and Home Maintenance are expert at preparing your home and garden for sale.
The very first thing that a prospective buyer will see when coming to view your home is the garden. Generally they will glimpse the garden and the front fence area even before they see the house – and a shabby garden often equates to a perception of a shabby house.
Clean it up! It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to replant and do the ‘renovation/garden makeover’ thing. A good honest, clean up, prune of the trees and clip of the lawns and edges will add much to the value of your home. Messy, unkempt gardens and yards are perceived as a problem - and people do not want to purchase a problem.
After the garden, it’s time to look at the house. Many sellers will install a new kitchen or floor coverings and forget to clean the windows!
We will give your home an honest, clean look and enhance the existing ‘highlights’ of the structure where prospective buyers will not feel that something is being ‘covered up’. Often, the last thing you should do is paint or panel over everything!
AHANDYBLOKE Mowing and Home Maintenance recently completed a pre-sale ‘spruce and clean’ of a home in Box Hill resulting a record price paid at auction (June 2009).

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AHANDYBLOKE Mowing and Home Maintenance also specialises pre- and post-tenant cleanups and ongoing maintenance as a cost-effective way of maximising returns on your rental property. Call or talktome to discuss your needs.
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