Mowing & Home Maintenance
AHANDYBLOKE Mowing and Home Maintenance will take the stress away from keeping your home and garden (your most valuable possession) looking just the way you want it
Services include:
Mowing and whipper snipping. Mowers include a walk-behind 900 mm slasher (very effective for rougher terrain) and 42 inch ride on for larger areas
Gardening services specialising in small to medium trees – care, maintenance, trimming and planting including moving of trees
Pruning of fruit trees and the often overlooked ornamental tree care
Home Maintenance services covering all those ‘little things’ that need doing around the home
Too many to mention, they include:
- sticky doors and windows
- locks and catches
- plaster repairs and painting
- woodwork and weatherboards
- draught seals for doors and windows
- furniture repairs
If you can nail it, screw it, glue it, paint it, plant it, prune it, sweep it or mow it, AHANDYBLOKE Mowing and Home Maintenance will be able to help out around your home or business.
Mowing & Home Maintenance
Telephone Ian Ritchie 0427 888 460
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I have a lifetime of experience doing home maintenance and gardening including more than 13 years tree experience with Fleming’s Nurseries, one of Australia’s leading wholesale tree specialists as well as having spent many years repairing and renovating houses.
I offer reliable service with integrity.